what we are

Specialized and Highly Focused

We are a specialized firm providing services ranging from freshwater biological consulting to environmental project management and public outreach. 

Biological Consulting Services
We specialize in freshwater fish taxonomy, macroinvertebrate sampling, aquatic bioassessments, biological and water quality monitoring, habitat inventories, wetland delineation, and aerial surveying. By keeping our scope highly focused and internal management costs low, we are able to deliver a high quality of work and keep our rates lower than other larger firms offering similar services. 
Environmental Education and Public Outreach
We offer a range of services in support of creative and impactful environmental outreach initiatives. We specialize in program development and management, creative environmental communications, and media content production.



Reliable and Experienced

Since its establishment as a female-owned-business in 2004 by Sara Beresford and Kevin Barnes, StreamTechs, LLC has become a reliable source for quality technical services in freshwater ecosystems and project management. Our clients include federal, state, county, and municipal agencies as well as private firms and universities. We have environmental consulting experience working throughout the United States and abroad.    




What we do

Here a few of the areas of work that we do. If you have any questions or interest in working with us, please reach out.


Stream Restoration


Water Quality


Aerial Surveys


Outreach Program Development


Wetland Delineation


Film Production


Relevant Certifications and Courses 

  • Current Georgia Department of Natural Resources Scientific Collection Permit for fish collection in all Georgia waters

  • Current US Fish and Wildlife Federal Section 10 Permit for Threatened and Endangered Fish Species in Georgia

  • Wetland Plant Identification - D&D West, Aug 2018

  • Wetland Delineation Certification- D&D West, Oct 2018

  • Interagency Consultation for Endangered Species Course - D&D West, Oct 2018

  • Level 1A Fundamentals for Erosion and Sediment Control Certification- NPDES Training Institute, Sept 2018

  • Level 1B Advanced Fundamentals for Erosion and Sediment Control Certification- NPDES Training Institute, Nov 2018